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Oddly enough, I played a lot of DDO, and I do mean a lot. One of my favorite classes was Assassin. I'm going to toot my own horn here, I was pretty good at it. But my question is, why would I want to gimp my damage because you think it's "not fun"?

walking around enemies is fun for you?
it would be nice if it happens because you hide or get a special ability to get advantage, but just walking around enemies? how is that fun? in 90% of all cases, that is exactly what you do, to get your advantage. you could just give perma advantage and be less annoying. or if you like the special thief aspect of it, then give thief/assassin a special ability, to teleport in the back of an enemie and give them this kind of advantage.
but now, every melee character is just dancing and hopping around.
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Nope, I don't find playing a thief as a thief annoying. I am confused as to why every class in the game gets my thief's abilities, but I'm hoping that will be fixed by release.

i hope so too, that only rogue gets these abilities. what do you mean with "playing thief as thief"?

Flanking for Back Stab bonus damage, as far as combat goes, I'm not a "tank", taking hits isn't my job, it's the job of that character in the heavy armor, or that Artificer's pet's job. My job, where it's a thing, is to go into stealth, sneak up behind trash mobs, and one shot them with Assassinate, as in the example of my Assassin. On non-Assassins, it's to maximize my damage potential, and output. This is accomplished through positioning. So no, I don't find it annoying, or not fun, but a challenge, in some circumstances. An example from DDO, managing to sneak up behind a Beholder on EH difficulty, and one shot it on my Assassin. Of course, my guild mates were rather offended that I used them as bait, but it was pretty funny when they figured it out.