Body blocking by party members needs to go.

I would like to see them use the ghost animation (like currently appears now with movement preview) if characters have to pass through each other.

This would be preferable to showing PCs walk through each other with clipping of the full models and such.

When a PC enters another PC's space for movement, it would be cool if the active selected PC had their normal animations and the inactive PC who's space is being passed-through went ghost animation.

This would eliminate a lot of pathing problems and jump fails right there just by ditching the body block within the party.

Blocking for hostiles and neutrals is fine, but friendlies it would be good to handle the same way as PCs. As long as we aren't ending the turn inside another characters circle of space, they should just kinda phase through to the spot where we want them if its within movement range.

Probably the top QoL feature for me, along with targeting from portraits, and better spellcasting/hotbar UI.

Last edited by Black_Elk; 03/11/20 01:48 AM.