I didn't go through every post here but just to demonstrate why the current resting system (unlimited long rests) is completely unbalancing to classes I will point to the class design of two classes: warlock and monk. In standard 5e most class abilities reset on a long rest, so spell slots, action surge, barbarian rage, lay on hands, etc... all are tuned to the long rest. Long rests are limited, usually 2-3 short rests for every long rest. Warlock was tuned specifically to this balancing when they gave them 2(3) spell slots that return on a short rest. In a standard day the warlock will have access to 6-8 spell slots if they use short rests, which puts them in contention with other spell casters. Spell slots being limited to 5th level, but always cast at 5th level makes those spells they do cast potent but again limited in overall numbers compared to wizards, sorcerers, bards, druids and clerics. Compare 10th level spell caster progression to warlock and they get 15 spell slots on a long rest (sorcerers and wizards have some ability to get more back in between rests making their number higher), compared to 6-8 spells for the warlock if you maximize short rests.

Monks are the melee version of the warlock, all of their abilities are fueled by ki points which return on the short rest and the monk kit has been tuned to this system. If long rests are free, then it totally undercuts these classes as it also undercuts the battle master sub for fighters and how they regen their superiority dice. Unless Larian goes in and fundamentally retunes these classes to reflect the rest changes they will be significantly weaker than other classes, ie give warlocks more spell slots, give monks more ki and halve the ki costs of most abilities, and increase the number of superiority dice battle masters get.