Just started playing the early access game, so this is all relatively early feedback - and a lot of what I want to say has been said already, going over this thread and the forum, so rather than reiterate a lot of that I'll just give what I've noticed so far.

Note for context: I'm playing a Seldarine Drow Cleric of Selune, kinda of the neutral good/true neutral variety since I play them as growing up in the Underdark and understanding that sometimes you gotta do bad things. This is significant since it does impact on the dialogue options, and of course characters assuming she's a Lolth-sworn... except she's corrected them already earlier in conversation.

In fact that's largely the type of feedback I have to give! There's a lot of conversational/quest bugs and issues I want to address, which unfortunately can take some enjoyment out of the best part of the game for me and I hope Larian is already aware of, but nevertheless. i.e. Sometimes when given what is clearly a 'Drow' option, the brackets are blank. Like so: "1. [ ] ..." Also, in a dialogue with Auntie Ethel I got the [Human] option despite not playing a human character.

Additionally, the game does NOT like it when you are completing a quest with a character that is not the main/player character. For instance, in the Rescuing the Grand Duke questline at Waukeen's Rest, I split my party up between my PC and Wyll. I used my PC to rescue the man in the room opposite of the Councilor, and Wyll to rescue the Councilor. I should then move onto the next stage of the quest after the cinematic, right? Wrong. Wyll did not say anything or confirm anything to the Councilor, and then the quest appeared lost/gone from my list. Not even marked as failed/incomplete. Except... after I rested, Wyll basically had a conversation with the PC about how the quest failed? Because we failed to save the characters? But we did! So that's in need of a dire fix.

Another quest with issues is the Missing Shipment. I was only able to complete it after taking a long rest when I saved the agents. This needs to be better indicated, because I thought it was possible then agents ran off with the chest and went through a rigamarole of trying to steal it in another save, etc. Another good indication for quest/storyline purposes would be to empathize Auntie Ethel's involvement with the Absolute Cult, because it came out of nowhere I had that quest completed because things turned violent with her (after fighting the Gnolls).

I feel like The Devil questline should also be indicated as completed/failed after you tell one or the other characters that they're 'On their own', among others. Refusal to engage a quest implies failure to me.

This is probably coming in a future update, but changing the location of quest markers on a map - especially when a group disappears from a location would be super. See: The Githyanki Warriors. I actually needed to prod Lae'Zel further for how to complete that quest too, so more guidance on what you need to do in the Quest Journal there would be appreciated.

Another big issue/bug is that sometimes character story progression just... appears out of sync/nowhere. For instance, I met Raphael before Astarion divulged he was a vampire and explained his master Cazador to me, which made some of what he said about Raphael very random/appear as though he already talked about Cazador. Shadowheart, too, has not talked to my character about Shar but my quest journal has updated with that stage quest saying that she has for some reason. And I feel like she should have more to say to my character as a Cleric of Selune?

Otherwise: Basic inventory, map, character selection improvements, etc that have been mentioned would be much appreciated. Despite all these issues, I am having fun with this game because it does FEEL a lot like a BG story - and if I saw more drawing on the mechanics of the original BGs too, that'd be stellar for me. This is also one of the few games I'm genuinely considering a evil playthrough, after seeing how much and how interesting it is to play as a Drow-assumed-evil too.