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Then don't play on Normal?

Problem is, if the normal settings doesn't follow DnD rules, what will make the hard mode follow it? Ennemies will be HP sponge, they will have more spell, damage, etc, it will NOT be closer to a DnD experience, it will just be harder to play.

I want a DnD game that feels a DnD game, the challenge for me is included in the RULEBOOK. I don't want to much powerful enemies, I want rules that follow what the game is supposed to be based on!

I get that now, more or less, by simply not taking a LR after each encounter. I get that now by not eating food during combat. I get that now by not changing my gear during combat. A whole lot of things that are readily available, and yet, here we are, telling everyone else what they must conform to because reasons. The funniest response I've gotten to this so far equates to "Wait, you expect me to not take advantage of things I see as exploitive???".

Aren't you glad I'm not here insisting they build the game around me? If they did, you may not be able to play it on Casual. I play the hardest difficulties, a lot. I play them in ways that weren't intended, by soloing stuff that's designed for parties. I don't want, or need, them to "balance" the game according to my interpretation of the rules, or my understanding, or lack thereof, of game design, especially where difficulty levels are concerned. I need them to build the game they have envisioned, so that I can see if their vision matches up with my expectations. I don't spend a lot of time in game right now, because I know me. I'll have every possible character/class played in a few months, and be completely burnt out by the time the game launches. So when I'm playing this Alpha build, I make concessions for things that I hope will be fixed, like everyone having rogue abilities, and I'm not overly fussed at having to play the game in what I consider to be the Casual mode. They are, after all, trying to make sure that those players, who spent the same money I did, get what they paid for.