My reason "against" 5e. It will never be exactly how every individual person likes and they will continue to find complaints because of interpretation of the rules or variations available based on challenge rating or homebrew application of a specific scenario.

I am actually for more consistent application, but I don't mind changes. On the other hand, the 5e only crowd is trying really hard to dictate everyone else's enjoyment and basically thumping a bible and saying it has to be their way or they illegitimatize this is even a game and it's horrible and it's the end of the world and anyone that likes it is dumb.

Because, like mentioned earlier, there are things that you simply can not translate into a video game and some extrapolation has to be made, things will never be "perfect". There are things Larian made up like cantrip ground effects, but that is their "spin" or "flavor". Which people keep saying they want BG and are ok with a Larian twist, but they can only add a twist if it is the twist approved by the 5e crowd. So that isn't Larian's twist at that point, so basically they don't like anything Larian does.

There is a campaign of hate going on which I disagree with.

There are also plenty of enthusiast that don't like the 5e deviations and try really hard to explain how some of the homebrew changes have caused more balance issues, which I actually find really informative and valuable as feedback.

The problem is the two get mingled together and it creates a sort of mob mentality and hard to hear the constructive feedback between the hate.

Ultimately if I am having fun with the game...I'm happy....and I'm having I would like things to continue the path it is currently on and continue to be fun.

On the other hand, the opposition is not having fun, so they would like change. So they would like to advocate change so that they can have fun.

The balance is pleasing both crowds and maybe some 5e rules will become less fun and boring to the crowd that I am in. I know I played Solasta and I didn't like it...felt really static. Yet the 5e crowd heralds it as damn near perfect.