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There surely must be someone at Larian with an out of control crush on the Wizard class in particular.

It's not just "someone". It's Swen. The big boss. In a recent interview he said that wizards are his favorite class, and that he "always plays a wizard". I mean, when you look at the choices they've made in this game, it all starts to make sense...

His armor in all those promos threw me off the scent. But then again, the way he wore it backside front on one occasion should have been a clue as to him faking it lol.

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LOL. Considering what I went through yesterday, I question how much they "love" Wizards. Every single monster in the Underdark map kept bypassing my fighters and going straight for Gale, often before he'd even done an action during the combat. He died about six times in two hours (with reloads after one egregiously bloody curb-stomping). The minotaurs did it, the Hook Horrors did it, and the damn Bulette did it TWICE. mad

After all that, I have absolutely NO desire to try making my own avatar wizard. The enemy AI seems to be primed to immediately kill the wizard when combat starts.

Well. There are plenty of people who can solo the entire game using Wizards (or any class but possibly Clerics I would assume). Check out Sin Tee on YouTube who make it look easy.


All I know is that if this imbalance is allowed to stand come launch, I will scrap my current class builds and instead play something like a Fighter 2/Evoker X (or straight Evoker as Dwarf/Gith with medium armor) spamming Magic Missiles (or spells with attack rolls which are now SUPER powerful with easy advantage and a staff averaging +5 attack on top of that) while in Full Plate armor and possibly shield (now I could use ALL attributes as dump stats except CON), with Shield Spell, Magic Mirror, etc, etc. Will be far more tanky than a Fighter while having superior crowd control, superior single target damage, superior burst damage, and superior area of effect damage to anyone. Maybe throw in a Rogue level to be a bit of a skill monkey as well. Add to this, full spellcasters power relative to other classes grow as they level up (somewhat depending upon how permissive the rest mechanics are).

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It's weird, I don't know what was different in my game, then. I've seen a lot of people talk about this AI's single-minded pursuit of Gale, and it just wasn't the case in my game. I have no idea why.

I might be wrong and come across as unintentionally arrogant, but I believe the AI pretty heavily prioritizes low AC targets and you can be sure a lot of people who complain instead should use that time to "git gud" and for instance start using Mage Armor. That said, some encounters are hard (at least w/o metagaming knowledge or scouting ahead/planning) and will squish anyone.

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