Too many not D&D mecanics completely broke the game and the world.

I.E Jumping at each turn to move further and to disengage / avoid AOO is just stupid... visually and tacticaly.
We shouldn't be able to jump when we're engaged and we shouldn't be able to disengage that easy if not allowed by 5e.

And if they want convenience, backstab and more tactical options... They can add a few bonus actions related to combats and beleivable in the reality of the FR/D&D.

I.E "flip side with opponent"
=> use your bonus action to move behind your opponenent.
=> Dexterity check VS ennemy AC
=> Success : beautifull and immersive combat animation that leads you behind the opponent (increase the TB system that is actually so static)
=> Fail : Disavantage to your next action.

THIS is tactical options, this is a "custom" D&D (and FR) mechanic that suit a video game and it didn't break any D&D mechanics.

I'd really like Larian to get back to a real D&D setting before trying to overhaul the experience.
Actually it looks more like a Larian game with D&D mechanics than a D&D game with Larian's mechanics to me, especially in combats but not only.

It's the same about surfaces. This mechanic is awesome but not really a usual D&D/FR setting.
I'll find it way better if that was a tactical choice instead of an OP mechanics.

I.E while throwing "fire bolt" 2 possibilities...
=> Hit the target to do the usual D&D damages.
=> Hit de ground to create a fire surface

Fire surface :
===> Dexterity Saving Throw to avoid surface damage
===> - 2 AC because it's trying to avoid fire instead of being totally focus on combats

THIS is also tactical options and this could increase the synergy between companions. This could leads to many tactical usefull choices if every surfaces has it's own effects.
Actually surfaces are way too powerfull and unbalance cantrip/spells. They could become a real part of our tactical choices.

There again, with more accurate D&D mecanics, it could be easier to add special custom Larian's surfaces mechanics inside the game without completely breaking D&D.

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