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What's wrong with Shadow Druids? I don't understand them, but if I hear that there are some assholes in an RPG game, I always wonder if there is an option to make friends with them
The only thing I can really say is that they are the druid KKK, which I also don't understand. Druids are certainly not good and selfless by definition but roving bands of subversive extremists staging secret coups in unsuspecting groves is just bizarre.

The only thing I can say is that I would like to see her and the elves at my party instead of tieflings. (If I decide to play as a good elf in second playthrough)
Although it can be called a neutral root
As a companion, I would not want her, let him sit in her grove. (although she would be much better than Karlach or that halfling werewolf girl on which developers decided to spend resources) But I like the option to start helping her and get a reward in the form of an artifact / party with elves / castescene for one night more than the option with tieflings.