Actually the bonuses actions are really powerfull and not really a part of "usual" D&D mechanics.
They also visualy decrease the feeling you're in the reality of the FR and the tactical value of the game.


* Jumping in combats (disengage for ennemies) is really powerfull.
=> AOO are useless
=> It's too easy to backstab
=> The rogue is powerfull but everyone can backstab as much as him
=> Jumping allow you to reach ennemies you wouldn't be able to reach if you just walk.

* Dipping is really powerfull, easy and strange because it's not really how things work in D&D and in the FR.
* The role of melee characters, especially warrior is decreased when it comes to hold enemies or preventing them from advancing/retracting. They often have to walk / cheese jump a lot during combats.
* The synergy between companions actually doesn't really exists or are very limited.

Jumping and dipping (as surfaces - for another thread) are not really tactical choices. Actually this is how the game work and these actions are really usual.
Anyway there are many gameplay mechanics that have consequences on the general balance of the game and that decrease the feeling of D&D / FR / BG.

The goal of this suggestion is to increase to tactical value of the game, to increase the FR feeling, to increase the D&D feeling, to increase the BG feeling and to increase the balance of the game.


=> Disengage become a specific action for everyone and become a bonus action for specific classes (i.e cunning rogue level 2)
=> Jumping while engaged is not possible anymore
=> Jumping correctly reduce the movements (if you can jump more than move, you don't have movement left after you jump).
=> Hide is an action except for specific classes (i.e cunning rogue lvl 2)
=> Dipping is an action and only possible if you have specific and component in your inventory
=> Help became a bonus action for specific classes (i.e cunning rogue level 2)


=> Prone is a new bonus action available if you're engaged in melee
==> Dexterity check VS ennemy AC
==> Beautifull and immersive combat animation
===> Success : The ennemy fall on the ground for 1 turn. He loose his bonus action on the next turn to get back on his feet. While on the ground, everyone has a +2 bonus to attack roll.
===> Failure : You suffer -1 AC for the next attack against you

=> "flip side with opponent" is a new bonus action - use your bonus action to move behind your opponenent
==> Dexterity check VS ennemy AC (proficiency bonuses for specific classes. I.E cunning rogue lvl 2)
==> Beautifull and immersive combat animation
===> Success : you are behind the opponent. You have the backstab bonus.
===> Failure : Malus to your next action.

Keep in mind that I don't know every D&D mechanics. Sometimes I wrote that something ask a "dexterity check" but maybe another roll is more accurate.
Sometimes I wrote "+2 to attack roll", but maybe it's not the best solution to balance the game.

Keep also in mind that this is a suggestion list, I'm not saying this is perfect.

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