Not to bumpty bump again too hard, but this section really needs more threads hehe

I still think curating pins in the sections we already have might be more useful than moving threads here. Not sure if we need a special spot for mega threads just as a way to keep them from getting lost. That's really what pins are for. The current default for a forums section shows 20 threads per page, or at least did so for me without switching up any settings. That's plenty of room to pin say half a dozen hot button threads in each section. Can always unpin them later on if they cease to be active or relevant after more patches come through.

For the General forum section how about a pinned thread with the following...?

Baldur's Gate 3 Community Links:

-Official BG3 feedback and bug reporting

-Larian BG3 discord

-BG3 reddit

-BG3 Modding

Or maybe for people who haven't played D&D something like...

-D&D general intros

-Forgotten Realms intros

or some other similar links to D&D or 5e primers, since there are probably a few good ones floating around that might be cool to signpost. A thread like that might work to showcase BG3 twitch or youtube categories as well, or at least like for the official whatevers.

That's just like basic basics, but could do similar things for major discussion topics too.

I still think some more Flaming Fist mods would be good to have on hand. I don't know but I see a lot of people on these forums who seem to be pretty adept at the cataloguing and categorizing things to make subjects more accessible, or who seem to be knowledgable trying to help others find links or info, especially in the Q/A forum. Also a few of those people collating the big lists and such who have the gift of gab with forums formatting and imbedded images etc, trying to frame out discussions in more focused or visually organized ways. Recruiting a few more mods from the less abrasive cohort of forum soapboxers, and just putting them to work on building out specific sections for the forums. It might help to stay abreast of the rapid thread turnover. It could be done in an invisible section first and organized there to see how it looks, before pushing it out to the full forum.

Here's a cool chronology topic just popped up when glancing the General section

ps. Vive la Fête! heheh

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