I understand what people are getting at. In a tabletop setting a DM typically isn’t going to allow players to restore spells after every encounter without there being some repercussions. I also understand that some people would like to see a system implemented that has repercussions if you “exploit” going to camp after every battle or a system that moderates the frequency in which you can camp. I can see both sides of the coin but agree entirely with neither.

I think most people would be lying if they said their very first time running through the game that they didn’t rest more often than they do now, before they knew where each encounter was and what it entailed. Or, at the very least, had to reload the game because there were 2 monstrous minotaurs that came outta nowhere and tore em a new one.

Honestly, if you want to make it more like tabletop, when you die in the game, your dead. No loading of a previous save. How often would you rest then? I mean, you could still save the game whenever you wanted, but if you die, you can’t load previous saves associated with that character. Now that would be more like tabletop. I’ve never had a DM say “well, everybody died, but let’s rewind and start all over”. Nope. You pull out your d6 and start rolling a new character.

I believe the system will ultimately be left the way it is because it just makes sense to allow players who want to play that way to be able to, and people who don’t want to, simply don’t have to. There’s no sense in restricting the game play of some (even if it’s the minority) if people can simply choose not to exploit a certain feature.