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It would be nice for journal option "show on map" to work, because it doesn't work for me now.
What I would like to see is more makers on the map, not just area and quest, but locations and specific buildings, exits from areas aaand maby more important npcs?
What I would like to see is a bit more verbal reactions from our companions like with Loviathar priest scene. Simply to give a little bit more feel into dialogs.

I know its early days and I'm hoping for crafting/cooking options with all these potatoes & meat and cauldrons to set up to cook meals at camp and
make potions in camp, with all the plants we can gather.

Also ++ on the camera up option. Camera being unconnected from the party is sometimes good sometimes annoying as I don't know how to reconnect it until we do a port in a doorway or location from waypoints.

battles: in some places we aggro the area and in some places we aggro a smaller subsection. example goblin camp, can kill the 4 that aggro with gut and move to the next place worg pens we just aggro the pen that's great kill the drow just fine, go for ragror and poof whole place. including out side where no one bothers with you if you just kill gut and the drow.

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