Prior to actually experiencing early access I was on team Larian, shooting down criticism as premature. Now however, I'm disappointed Larian seemingly defaulted to their DOS game design - which is a pretty radical departure from D&D 5e. What worked well in DOS, is like a flamethrower to all kinds of balance in 5e. For instance, the easy advantage means martial classes (apart from Barbarians who are nerfed to oblivion by it) and certain spells are buffed relative to others. Some of the already strongest feats in the game (like Great Weapon Mastery and Sharpshooter) is/will be made even more overpowered and yet other feats nerfed. On the other hand, the strongest class - Wizards, are given some ludicrous buffs.

1. High Ground/Flanking: I like incentivizing tactical game play, but easy advantage is too much of a bonus. Flat +1/+2 modifier to attack would cause less imbalances and still incentivize fun tactical movement using increased "tadpole mobility".

2. Mobility: Remove disengage changes and restore this ability as a bonus action only for Rogues (standard action for other classes which still allows for shove/bonus actions). Allow slightly larger falls w/o damage. Consider increasing base movement speed with 25%. This will provide the mobility without easy exploits/imbalance.

3. Cantrips: Larian's elemental shenanigans/barrelmancy is out of control and the changes to "Wizard" cantrips are part of that. The ease of using overpowered elemental effects is a relative nerf to AoE dmg spellcasters. Staff of Arcane Blessing provides on average +5 attack on spell attack rolls (not only cantrips), brokenly powerful and should be removed from game.