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Objective fact: There are barrels in Divinity 2 and BG 3.

Subjective: It feels like Divinity 3 because of that.
Also subjective: It feels like Shadow of the Tomb Raider 2 because of that.

Objective: There is food.
Subjective: It feels like Divinity 3 because of that.

Also subjective: It feels like TES 6, or FO 5. Maybe closer to TES, because sword and sorcery? If I'd come straight here from Skyrim, I'd be more inclined to argue that it feels like that game instead, or Oblivion.

So it's easy to say "we're arguing facts here", but we're really not. We're arguing how it feels. This isn't objective, it's subjective. There's a lot of back and forth here, both in this thread, and on the forums that bears that out. I still find it amusing that people that feel differently are shouted down, or ridiculed for not jumping on the bandwagon. "There are no wrong feelings, unless your feelings don't align with mine" seems to be the FotM, (Flavor of the Month). Sadly, both sides of this argument are valuable feedback. [...]

So I'm not going to get my self all worked up over "But it's not the same", when in reality, I didn't come here looking for that. I came looking for a game that could make me feel the same things that the originals did, although some of that is going to be impossible; I won't be able to experience my "first time playing a cRPG" again, which is something I did feel with BG.

We really have a totally different approach to this.

Spoiler alert only cause my answer is long and .... maybe too detailed? I'm probably repeating myself a lot.

1st part of what I'm doing:
Objective : There are barrels in Divinity 2 and BG 3.
Objective : Different or same mechanic in BG2

2nd part I'm trying to achieve through this thread:
Objective: Does it impact the gameplay in BG3. How did this mechanic work before.
Subjective: Did it serve the gameplay better in BG2? If yes, how?

Most people need a reminder they are not unique. I don't. So no need to reference the rest of your comment in my opinion(no hard feelings).

You stopped half-way in what I'm trying to do. Most of the people did when reading the list listed in OP. Most of this 1st list is a summary of autism screeching from the deepest part of this forum. This thread is literally an attempt to translate whining into feedback that actually leads somewhere.

Why would you replace a feature that works better in BG3 with a feature from BG2? No reason to do that.

Why do this in case of a feature that doesn't change QoL or mechanics ? Only to tickle BG fans on their bellies. No other reason, but it could be a way. Is it necessary? Meh, depends on personal preferences.

Why , how, which one, how did it impact the gameplay, how could it impact the game negatively, how could it improve it. Welll those are the things we can talk about. And MAYBE, just MAYBE it will turn out the main things that defined BG2 could be summed up in a bunch of feature. Features that are for now solved in the same way as DOS2 for ( MAYBE ) no good reason.

Maybe is the key word because there's no fucking way I'm organizing play-tests of BG2 just to prove anything lol

if you feel "BG3 is DOS3 " is the wrong question turn it around man.
What feature makes BG3 a sequel of BG2?
- story +setting
- D&D mechanics [with minor/major changes. There's separates feedback for every single one of them]
- Characters ..... [no spoiles, i just checked data mining thread :P ]

It has everything, right? Well... details matter. Hence why we have list listing as many features as Isaac found. And I'm trying to make the " What feature of BG2 we want in BG3" thread. That's pretty much it.

I think there's nothing unhealthy about that approach.

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Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.