As I said on the first page, I think that OP did a great job with this list and you're doing a great job with the google doc.

What I don't really understand is your goal.

=> If the goal of the thread is only to point out differences between BG1/2 and BG3, I'm not really interrested even if it's it's "interresting".
=> If the goal is to create a list of realistic suggestion that could both increase BG3's experience AND the feeling of a Baldur's Gate video game, I'm totally interrested.

So what is it about ?

Originally Posted by Zefhyr
I read your list some days ago.
There was one point, from memory, I didn't completely agree. It was about the items.
It's true, there is basics items on BG1 and 2 like swords and armor but this is far from what Larian does.
Indeed there is no spoons, dolls, flutes, plates, etc.
And I think it's an interesting poitn because it really shows the difference beetwen BG and DoS.
Th best item to show this difference his the... "broken lute".
Typically it's a completely, absolutely useless item but it's funny. It matchs with the intention of DoS which is to create a funny and colorfull world.
You doesn't have it in BG. You have basics swords to drop on your ennemies and it makes sens, it can be usefull (well, especially in the one at the beginning when the items just... get mega rusty.) and at no time it's funny.

So speaking about what participate to give a DoS feels instead of a BG one, I think the items have a part more important than we could imagine at first.
All this funny and completely useless stuffs you can find in BG3 absolutely didn't match with the original BG.

So, I'm not saying it should be removed but I would like to point out and for the people to acknowledge it is a factor which can participate to give the DoS 3 feelings.

Isn't it ?

I totally agree with this.
The feeling of DoS but also, and it's way more important to me : it's just totally boring.

When you loot on BG1/2, there are "many useless stuff" but you can process the information quickly. You know what to do and you know what could be important.
In DoS and that's exaclty the same in BG3, you have to carry everything because... maybe it will be usefull... a quest... crafting..... no ? Meh, ok I'll deal with it later...

This + the 60 types of foods + the fork, bones, skulls, plates, cup, bowl, dolls,...
The item management is unecessarily complicated and boring. I really don't understand what Larian's trying to do with this.

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