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If it launches out of EA without some form of native support for a party of 6, it will be really hard not to feel that our EA feedback was basically ignored.

What it would mean is they listened to the feedback from a very small group of individuals and didn't agree with it.
These threads can create an echo chamber where folks think their feedback is more popular than it actually is.
Out of the million plus folks who got early access what percentage have given the feedback that they want two extra players in their party? (Answer: An incredibly small percentage)

I would hate a party of 6 as it would lengthen every combat even if you only took three companions (as the game would have to be tougher to accommodate a party of 6.)
Party of 4 is perfect for me and I sincerely hope they don't change that.

Larian is not ignoring EA feedback.
Your feedback is just not universal (nor is mine)
In the end Larian will make the game that they want to play and that they think is the most fun for the most people.