Name: Esbern Virtanen
- The name means "Divine Bear", and the surname "River".
If taken literally, the meaning is: "Divine Bear of River", but Esbern himself likes to explain it like this: "The Divine Bear overcomes river's stormy stream".

Age: 23
- By half-elven standards, Esbern has come of age, but even for ordinary people he is still young and naive. For true elves he is still a child.

Race: Half-elf
- Father: Baldurian merchant; Mom: Wood Elf

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More about Esbern under the spoiler

Features and preferences:
- Loves to read, every new book must be read;

- Is fond for dark magic, but never uses it for bad purposes;

- He is not ashamed of his race, but because of being born in Baldur's Gate he feels different from others, so he hides the sharp tips of his ears behind his hair, thus "becoming" an ordinary person;

- His name was given by his mother, as a tribute to nature and respect for Wood Elves, so that Es will always remember where his roots come from;

- Poorly versed in nature and survival, which is a real paradox;

- But in history and magic, he is better than many;

- Agilious, he is especially good at hiding;

- Not strong, but this compensated by his incredible charisma;

- Good at conversations. Doesn't intimidate, but convinces or deceives;

- Unfortunately, he is bad in insighting and attention, and therefore believes everyone;

- He is gullible, but not stupid, these are two different things. He tries to see good in people and wants to help in any way he can, but you shouldn't consider him as a fool. He is capable of quick inferences;

- Likes to play pranks and joke, sometimes behaves just like a child;

- Respects each person choice, without trying to teach life and morality. However, if he sees that the choice affects destructively, he will act;

- Has nothing against using the powers of the tadpoles, 'cos it helps in their path and does no harm at the moment;

- Good listener. Doesn't consider himself as a leader and perceives his party exclusively as friends. He wants to be followed because they trust him, not because there is no other choice;

- Can talk with animals and adores them with all of his soul;

- Thinks of himself least;

- Sincere in everything he does;

- He can use dark magic, but he began to study necromancy quite recently, that’s why still poorly understands it and often confuses spells. This leads to funny but not dangerous situations.

Character story:
Esbern was born and raised in Baldur's Gate. His father met a beautiful wood elf in one of his trade travels and persuaded her to leave in the big city. As a result of their union, little Es was born.

From a young age, the boy was drawn to magic, showing interest in any kind of it. Including the "dark" one. Despite other people's prohibitions and instructions, boy sincerely didn't understand how one magic differs from another, if it is used correctly and does not harm anyone. So, in secret from everyone, Esbern began to learn the dangerous magic.

While boy was growing up, he continued to help his father in trade, and spent his free time in local bookstores. Having reached the age of majority, Esbern realized that he couldn't continue to stay in his native places: he was drawn to knowledge. It was too dangerous to practice dark magic in Baldur's Gate, and he wanted to learn the necromancy. At the age of twenty-two, he left his father's house, going for the first time on a solo journey in order to find a teacher and learn ‘the magic of the dead.’

Unfortunately, he was unable to advance far due to unexpected attack of the illithids who captured him on their ship.
So thats how Esbern's story began.

Main goals: Get rid of tadpoles; help friends; prove that dark magic can be used for good; learn necromancy.

His life quote is the words of his mother: ‘Remember, Esbern, now you are just a little bear cub for whom the rapid streams of life are too exciting and dangerous, but one day you will become a strong bear, able to overcome even the most powerful river flow. Remember, my little boy, no matter what difficulties you face, determination and desire to achieve your goal will help you reach the very end.’

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