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Ah so you are much smarter and wiser than the ignorant masses. If only they knew what you knew.
Sounds like the start of every conspiracy theory.

Look, aside for the fact that if your main counter-argument is whining and bitching that other people are arrogant, maybe you don't have such a strong position to defend, you also seem to lack basic reading comprehension, since at not point during that post I was talking about *me* specifically, just addressing the usual, trite and frankly quite idiotic argument "niche opinions don't matter" in terms of "dedicated fanbase" against "casual audience".

People who don't agree with you are clueless?
Your arrogance seems to know no bounds.

Here you are, again, bitching without making a proper point.
What did you expect, exactly? That I would feel bad? Guilty?

So there have been no successful games with fewer than six party members. That's an interesting position to take -- wrong but interesting.

Well, if worst comes to worst, at very least it can't be more wrong than your attempt to understand it.
But you can keep beating the strawman instead of having a proper discussion about it.

There's that arrogance again.

Man, fine, Let's concede I'm arrogant. So fucking what? At some point you'll have to stop crying about it and make a proper point.

As an FYI BioWare ditched the day night cycle in Throne of Bhaal because they didn't feel it added anything to the game and more often than not players would end up waiting around for the shops to open causing frustration. Perhaps they only had a vague grasp on the meaning of the sentence as well.

Aside for the fact that I positively don't give a shit about what Bioware did (as if they weren't already been topped at their own game in other areas) you may have missed the fact that Throne of Bhaal was set in a confined pocket dimension where demigods went along doing a slugfest every three steps.
If you didn't miss it, you are at very least overlooking it.

Not exactly the most demanding of all settings, in terms of internal coherence and immersion.

The 6 person party will be modded in eventually.

The 6-men party can ALREADY be modded into the game right now with a trivial savefile edit. Which is irrelevant, anyway, because we are asking Larian for proper official support instead.
If you aren't interested feel free to stick to 4 or play even solo, as long as you won't wave around this pretense that everyone should be happy about an annoying design limitation just because you are.

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Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN