I hate the way Disengage and Hide are implemented in 5E anyway. Larian is doing us a favor. In 3.5 and 4e, you could just do a 5-foot-step, or shift, to "disengage", and it didn't even take an action. It just used your normal movement. In 3.5 and 4e, hiding wasn't an "action" either, you could just make a check to hide whenever you had sufficient cover/concealment, after you moved. In 5e, they made poor decisions regarding these things that were already working perfectly well.

Disengage in 5e is a bad rule. It's a bad action. It wastes your turn, and you can't even GET AWAY. So, I'm a caster, right? Oh noes, a scary melee mob is up in my face! I guess I'll spend my WHOLE ACTION, doing nothing useful to help the battle, just to move away from this creature. But wait, I can't also Dash, so I'm just moving base movement speed away. On the creature's turn, it can just casually walk right back up to me AND ATTACK. By playing the "Disengage" game, I will never actually be able to attack, and the enemy will still be able to attack me every round. FUN! GOOD DESIGN THERE.

Hide as an action is basically the same problem. If I wanna be a sneaky sneak and attack from hiding, well, I guess I have to waste one out of every two rounds doing nothing useful, just Hiding. I mean it's cool that they gave Cunning Action to Rogues to offset this, but they shouldn't have had to, because it shouldn't even be an action.

People also act like Disengage and Hide as bonus actions are now "free". They're not. There are plenty of useful things you can do with a bonus action, so you are still giving something up to Disengage or Hide. If I Disengage in BG3, that means I'm not moving the Dancing Lights to where it needs to be, I'm not casting Healing Word to get an ally up, I'm not drinking a potion, I'm not making an offhand attack, etc. etc. It has a cost.

The majority of the people I've seen play this game on Twitch and YouTube (and I've watched a lot), know nothing or next to nothing about D&D. They're just video gamers. Most of the audience for this game will be just video gamers, not D&D players. Making it more faithful to 5e doesn't make it any more fun for those people. In fact, it makes it less fun for them. The 20% of us (or whatever) who actually play D&D might like the increased tabletop faithfulness, but will we like it ENOUGH to justify them making a less enjoyable game for the 80%? (I made those percentages up, obviously.)

Now, should Disengage and Jump be the same action? No. That's silly. Jump, also, SHOULD NOT EVEN BE AN ACTION. You should just be able to jump as part of your normal movement. Whenever you want. Just using movement.

Shove, I can see being problematic. It's powerful, and even more powerful as a bonus action. Ordinarily I'd say that yeah, it needs to be changed to a regular action. However, I find myself ambivalent about this after playing and watching a lot of the game. Why? Because people LOVE Shove as it is now. They DELIGHT in it. And so do I. And if you make it take your standard action, people will use it less, because the chance of failure on it can often be high, and they won't want to waste their action. And in this way, people will miss out on a lot of the great fun they are currently having with Shove. Again, non-D&Der majority versus D&Der minority comes into play here.

If Larian is making house rules and changing bits of the 5e rules to make a more universally enjoyable video game, guess what? They're doing it with Wizards of the Coast's blessing. If anything they changed was unacceptable, WotC wouldn't let them do it.

I do think they need to give something else to Rogues, though, to compensate them for losing 2/3rds of one of their defining class features. I recommend Cunning Action: Throw.