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I think Larians current way of thinking especially for BG3 is do it perfectly or dont do it at all, and doing day/night cycle perfectly includes a lot of work considering the number of NPC and Permutations they have in the game.
Maybe now with all the money from EA they will consider adding this feature.

Yeah, I just don't think it's a particularly productive or beneficial mindset.
I mean, if you want to go out of your way to do "the best implementation to date yet", because you think you're up to the task, by all means be my guest!

But if that's not the case, arguing that "Iif it's not going to be top notch there's no reason for it to be there at all" is at very least questionable angle, given that as already argued even the most basic, "lazy" implementation of this feature would already be on itself a massive boon to make the game's world feel more alive. Even more importantly to sell the illusion that passing time is an actual thing and we aren't looking at at a diorama frozen into a single moment in time, which opens dozens of mechanical possibilities in GAMEPLAY terms, that bizarrely enough they are currently work their asses off to circumvent in far more convoluted ways (the whole current implementation of instanced camping/long rest mechanics seem to be a spectacularly clumsy attempt at that specific goal).

They could eventually argue "Well, actually our system will take less work overall".
Hum, yeah, possibly? But it will also clearly show it. It's not like they are finding an elegant solution that "will save work for a comparable result". The hit in term of immersion and believability of the game world is going to be massive, and the result if the current impressions are anything to go by will feel like a patchwork.

P.S. I was re-reading the entire thread and aside for the amount of times I repeated myself (to my defense the current thread is actually the merging of several other on the same topic) I find vaguely jarring how I basically went from an initial "Hehe, not going to happen, deal with it" to "Oh god, we need this so badly". Because, yes, it's actually a thing that weights on the game more and more as you try to stick with it.

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