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I agree that missing too much time is boring... But in D&D missing doesn't really mean you miss... It means you did no damage to your target. I think if the game was a little bit less "Static" (which is obviously not easy, but possible), it could be visualy less boring.

Very true; Pathfinder Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous does this. Some attacks miss by a wide margin, sometimes the character outright dodges, and a lot of time it will just 'plink' off the armor; this all depends on how close it was to beating the AC of the target.
In real world you usually have a DM describing the attack in the same terms. Hell, even attacks that do damage are sometimes described as "the arrow hits you, but your armor and/or training (depending on character) allows you to channel the deadly force of the blow away from your vitals: that will probably leave a bruise though." .etc