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The more I'm replaying EA, the more I'm realizing that the complete lack of day/night and passing time weights like a massive boulder on the believability of the setting, making it feel artificial.

Too bad the studio has already said in no dubious terms that it's not going to happen since they consider it "too much work for too little benefit to do properly".

Well, I'd be fine even without a "proper" version of it and just a mediocre implementation, because that can't be worse than having a "cardboard scenery" world frozen in a single moment in time.
They could look at Pathfinder Kingmaker as an example of game that did day/night and camping mechanics more than effectively enough using a mere fraction of the budget Larian can boast on this production.

Already said it in another thread, I'll say it again: it's not up to me to decide, but if I was offered the choice between going without a day/night cycle and getting it but delaying the final release six additional months, I'd take the latter without a second of hesitation.

I agree with this. I don't mind waiting a bit longer for a mechanic like this to be implemented. The advantages to realism would simply add so much to the game. From sight disadvantages to the rogue's hide ability. It would just enhance the gameplay.