I my opinion the fundamental difference between Turn Based and Real-Time Combat advocates is.

Turn Based Combat Players like to play "perfect", dice Roll are not their failure.
They play every Partymember like the own Char.
People which move the Characters in triple Steps for max Range advantage 3m forwars,
oh shit 1m back and are angry when they give away 1m.
For this type of players, an Encounter is like a Puzzle and deploy the right peace every Turn the perfect solution.

Realtime Combat Players Accept more Human Failures in the execution.
They have less problems with automated actions which considered Instant Actions like AoO, deflect arrows or intercept enemys.
They Play to command the Party as a Leader via "Shouts" and every "Pause" is a unwanted interruption. A.I Scripts for Partymembers, Protect Rules etc. are all welcome.
The "perfect" play is a Combat handled with Command Shouts only without to go into Pause Mode and "jump" into a Partymember head.

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