Tyranny is like Overlord though, you're evil, there is no good or evil path just different forms of be a bad guy. RPGs overall have difficulty with evil paths as they typically boil choice down to kill a person or don't kill, torture a person or don't torture a person. Swtor is good example of this issue since a lot of its dark side choices can be viewed as either psychotically evil or just stupid. They do occasionally hit the mark but I'd say it's still 50-50 at best. It's rare to see options such as manipulation, political power plays or any kinds of thought out actions being offered that can be viewed as morally questionable. That's the problem really, a path shouldn't be seen as blatantly evil it should be seen as an alternate choice, sure some may look at the path and think it's morally questionable but others will look to it and say its the better choice. So far in this EA the evil paths are pretty blatant and offer little at best or actively screw you at worst. I mean burning down the grove for the Absolute or handing it over to the shadow druids gives you nothing. For the short term you get little reward and in the long term you've made no reliable allies, you're just left with blood and ash. If you protect the grove you gain the thanks and adulation of the Teiflings who will be showing up in Baldur's Gate. Ya the druids are a bunch of little shits but keeping them alive and shadowless is the best option as the shadow druids are about as trust worthy as the Absolute cult and it keeps Halsin happy and he's currently the most useful npc you find.

Another issue is when the reward for either side is just a shiny trinket since then it not only lacks any kind of depth but you're also simply playing killer for hire.