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Not sure if this has been said already, but if you make a Zariel Tiefling with voice 4 it will use voice 2 in game. This only appears to be an issue with Zariel Tieflings and not the other 2 subraces.

Same thing has happened to me with Seldarine Drow male characters. Attempted to make a character with voice 3. I went back and double checked multiple times to make sure it was set to voice 3, but when I get to the opening of the game itself, the line "Ugh, my head!" is using voice 1, not voice 3. Not sure if this happens for Lolth-sworn Drow or not as I haven't attempted that just yet.

EDIT: Just made a Lolth-sworn Drow. Voice 3 actually works. Just can't get Seldarine Drow to have voice 3.

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