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Graphics are outstanding. My computer meets all of the recommended requirements, but my video card Nvidia GT 740 doesn't meet minimum requirements. First game that I've tried that has had Vulkan available. Auto-detect put my video settings on ultra high for Vulkan and DirectX11, but even dumbed down to the lowest settings with DirectX11 there can be a lot of stuttering. BG3 is very playable for me with the lowest through medium video settings. It's tempting to go with the ultra high settings, but the stuttering can get pretty bad. My video card definitely needs an upgrade, but it should be very usable once some optimization gets patched in.

I have the same problem - my graphic card is the only thing that doesn't exceed the recommended. I mentioned this in some feedback I sent them through the launcher, and they told me that they're going to be doing some optimization during EA to bring down the specs and give folks like us a better play experience.