I am a Korean buyer, and I am uncomfortable because it is noticeable to add elements that are not in the rules or change rules. Clearly, didn't you promise to make a game that faithfully implements D&D?

I hope that I don't keep inserting elements that aren't in the game or change the rules at will, and look at the rulebook properly.

If D&D TRPG players are frustrated, how close will the Nexus come up with a mod that modifies it closer to the D&D5 version?

If you want to make an original Larian game, go back to the Divinity series, and if you want to make it properly, I want you to look at the rulebook properly and make it.

Even if the original Larian element is not added unconditionally, there are already many elements that guarantee the degree of freedom in D&D.

For example, if you want to make a fire blanket with a cantrip, you don't need to use the function of making a fire cover by removing the damage of a fire bolt, but find a cantrip that makes a fire cover and insert it. Or, fire bolts have more damage in each specific section, but are you going to reduce the damage that is strengthened? Then it would be very disappointing.

And I hope you don't limit the number of game parties to four. Whenever I need a character's function, it's very inconvenient to have to take a long break deliberately to put that character into my party. At least 5 people. It would be nice if there were 6 people generously.

And I'd like to solve the bugs that are still not resolved (e.g., a bug where shadowhearts are recruited for a very short time, but shadow hearts are doubled in cutscenes). Even by having you work from home

Translated by Google Translate, this can be very awkward.

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