Removing the body block within the party I think is really the first and easiest step they could take to eliminate half the problems. It would make it so we aren't totally reliant on a jump action, just to path a PC to a spot that would otherwise be within the movement range were it not for other party member's body blocking. Clicking a spot on the map the PC should move the shortest distance possible, since according to the rules they can pass through another PC's space, as long as they aren't ending their movement within that space. This should apply outside of combat and within combat too. Right now movement in combat is waisted trying to run around other PCs, or trying to reach the specific spot selected on ground which then shows as unreachable or only jump to reach because of the body block. Kind of silly to imagine a melee with medieval weapons where everyone has to stay outside of each other's person space at all times. Like how would that work in the real lol?

Next step would be to just prevent the other PCs from shifting all over the place when pathing movement outside of combat. Half of this jogging around in circles from the unselected PCs I think would disappear once the body block within the party was nixed. Another complimentary feature would be a quick toggle to auto unchain via a button, instead of this awkward drag and drop method. Outside of combat using unchaining or dragging off to try and position a party leader position is just very tedious.

Formations in a party of 4 are obviously somewhat less interesting than formations for a full party of 5/6, but even with 4 you still have a couple basics. These should at least include the wedge, the square, the T (which is basically an inverted wedge), a gamma type formation (similar to the T formation, but with one flank strengthened rather than the middle) and then just the straight line for walking in single file.
Basically these kinds of shapes...

△ ▯ T Γ I

The last would be particularly helpful for scouting, and for dungeon crawling where you only want 1 PC walking point due to possible traps, or combat encounters, or hazards on the ground etc.

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