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I am a Korean buyer, and I am uncomfortable because it is noticeable to add elements that are not in the rules or change rules. Clearly, didn't you promise to make a game that faithfully implements D&D?

I hope that I don't keep inserting elements that aren't in the game or change the rules at will, and look at the rulebook properly.

If D&D TRPG players are frustrated, how close will the Nexus come up with a mod that modifies it closer to the D&D5 version?

I'd like to hear Larian's intentions on that topic too. I've tried to ask in other threads but couldn't get an answer.

First I started reporting the deviations, as I'm sure others did, then I noticed a post from an admin saying the purpose of the Early Release wasn't testing (implicitly saying we should not report problems, only suggestions). It wasn't clear though, so at this point I'm not sure what is useful to Larian and what is noise to them. I'm not sure this deviation from D&D 5th Edition is unintentional either.

Actually, if I had to guess at this stage and without any comment nor feedback from them, I'd say the deviations are intentional: changes in the type of actions / bonus actions / interactions, no reactions, prerequisites and benefits of some features like sneak attack, how often we can perform those actions, ... So I suppose the idea was to take inspiration from the D&D settings and rules, and adapt them.

I'm not judging, each path has its merits, but it would be nice to know where we stand. For example if someone plans to host DM sessions, should they announce it's a custom ruleset, or D&D 5th Edition? It would also fix the ideas and avoid many people from reporting "deviations" and creating mod on Nexus to fix them, if the intention is to have a customization based on D&D rather than a strict implementation like Solasta (which is the only one to my knowledge, there might be others) for 5E, NWN 2 for 3.5E, and so on.

EDIT: Also, in the FAQ, this makes it even more confusing:

What edition of Dungeons and Dragons is this game using?
Baldur’s Gate 3 is using the fifth edition (5e) rules.

... because that is incorrect.

So which is it? smile

Also saw davil974's question (and so, my reply) don't belong to this thread. The title has apparently changed en route, so I hadn't realized at first.

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