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The thing about these very rule-heavy, highly tactical RPGs is that there is a very wide range of possible perceived difficulty, even on a single difficulty setting. I've watched a bunch of people play this who know nothing of D&D, and are not used to playing turn-based, party-based RPGs like this, and they really struggle a lot. Often they say that the game is too hard, or ask "How can I possibly beat this?" Then you have people who have tons of experience with D&D and this type of CRPG, and some of those people say, quite honestly, that everything in the game was easy for them. It's a very tricky kind of game to balance across these highly variant audiences. Fortunately, we know Larian will be giving us multiple difficulty settings to choose from, hopefully sooner rather than later. So that should alleviate most of this problem, I think.

Every studio should introduce a title as though to someone who is playing a video game for the first time. One never knows which game will be someone's introduction to the medium or genre. Tutorials are passe sadly, but the first Baldur's Gate offered a very welcoming introduction in Candlekeep, the only point of quests like finding the lost book, fetching the watchman's sword, or getting an antidote for the sick cow were to give the player familiarity with the environment and the types of objects they could interact with, from opening chests to books, from buying things like arrows for the soldier, to spells for the traveling mage. The initial combat clearing the cellar rats or leading a squad to victory against illusions equipped those whom had never heard of Dungeons and Dragons before with everything they needed to confidently continue into a mostly unforgiving game where one could be killed instantly by some enemies before combat had even properly started, or turned to stone for getting too close.

I am really hopeful Larian will launch the final game with a brief tutorial like scenario set in Baldur's Gate set prior to the abduction which will go over these elements and ad some much needed depth to player made characters