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Mate is a videogame, they are trying to adapt the rules at the best capabilities possible for a videogame, that still needs to be engaging, not too repetitive. Plus is not easy to include everything that runs through your imagination on a DeD session in a limited size game, please be serious.
There needs to be quality of life mechanics on a videogame.

There's a difference between adding/having quality of life mechanics and changing fundamental mechanics of 5e... and quite frankly, there are too many unnecessary changes to fundamental 5e mechanics in BG 3 already.

It's too easy to get advantage in combat, making various class features undesirable to use, hide and disengage removed from the rogue's Cunning Action feature and given to everyone, certain spells not worth taking because of changes to monster AC/HP, etc.
I'm not asking for Solasta 2.0, but a somewhat closer implementation of 5e rules would be great.

Having to rely on modders to fix these issues is problematic, since there's no guarantee a mod gets updated.