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All of the complaint and hate is funny to someone who came in knowing nothing about the Baldur's Gate series, nor D&D beyond watching popular streams. I was looking for an experience and can only shake my head at how much people complain about rules and mechanics.

I find it more that there are 2 groups of people that are very vocal and angry if you don't share their opinion (kind of like real life).
1) People who played DOS/DOSII and think that if this game has even 1 similarity it's DOSIII, not BG3.
2) People who think that if it deviates at all from 5e, it's garbage.

IMO, its totally BG3 and close enough to 5e. It was promised as an "adaptation" which is a word many including OP need to lookup. There are still many things that need fixing and improving, but IMO few relate to DOS or 5e.