For the folks that are giving feedback to the OP regarding varied tactics, scouting, coming back later, gaining high ground, etc. - kudos. It's meant to be a difficult encounter and preparation goes a long way.

That said: to the folks saying "hey, they're Gith" or "there's a red dragon, what do you expect?!" - you're not contributing to the conversation in the slightest. You're relying on familiarity on out-of-character knowledge in the form of externally published source material to guide you through a dangerous encounter. If I were a DM, there would be penalties.

If the discussion genesis were so blatantly obvious, I sincerely doubt there would be posts about it; who makes good-faith complaints about the sky being blue or water being wet? If it were so clear, it wouldn't be raised. Knocking players on those points is not disagreement over opinions on whether the fight should be hard, it presumes everyone starts from the same place, which isn't what gaming or DnD are even about.

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