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True, but Solasta is a small, niche indie game that can afford to be appealing almost entirely to 5e D&D fans. Baldur's Gate 3 is MUCH bigger, and has to be fun for a much wider audience, many of whom will know nothing about D&D. So for each rule, they have to ask themselves, "Is it worth keeping this strictly on point with the official D&D rules, or would more people enjoy it better if we tweaked it?" I can't say whether the decisions they've made so far are good or not, because I don't know how the game will ultimately be received by "the masses". There are things I would like changed, of course, but even if NOTHING on my list is changed, I will still love this game. Some of the more glaring rules changes, that a lot of people are unhappy about, don't really bother me. If they change Fire Bolt back to it's official 5e version, that would be fine. If they don't, also fine.

I also quite disagree that the original Baldur's Gate games were a "very strict" adaptation of D&D in their day. Bioware took plenty of liberties, too.

LoL I should just let you speak for me from now on...you are much better at it.