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I think the RTwP advocacy needs to just die. This type if feedback is utterly useless because you just want a different game. Day9 made a great video about this recently, I think everyone advocating for a different game should probably check it out 😊

Nah. I'll keep loudly arguing for it. You don't get to tell me what I should or shouldn't do.
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Real time pause system is suck, ı hate it. So thats all ı just hate it. Doesn't present real strategic movements in fight.

Haha. Right. Everyone except one character is standing still and frozen, and that is "strategic movement"? LOL TB represents a static battlefield. RT(wP) represents a dynamic battlefield. Dynamic is always superior to static.

Keep arguing for it, but it is quite literally the most meaningless type of feedback. You're advocating for a different game. If turn based game play isn't your thing then this game isn't for you chief.

If Larian are half as good a developer as I believe them to be they would ignore this entire 80 page whinge fest of people crying out that they didn't make the game they wanted.