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I find it more that there are 2 groups of people that are very vocal and angry if you don't share their opinion (kind of like real life).
1) People who played DOS/DOSII and think that if this game has even 1 similarity it's DOSIII, not BG3.
2) People who think that if it deviates at all from 5e, it's garbage.

IMO, its totally BG3 and close enough to 5e. It was promised as an "adaptation" which is a word many including OP need to lookup. There are still many things that need fixing and improving, but IMO few relate to DOS or 5e.

Very much this. "Adaptation" does not mean "exact copy".

Not sure anyone complain it's not an exact copy.
There's something between what BG3 is actually and what an exact copy of D&D would be...

Backstab for everyone and higher ground advantage are what I call "adaptations" to suit better the medium.

Dipping, froggy jumps, eating during combats, scrolls for everyone, resting system, surfaces potions and arrows and/or cantrip for everyone, HP bloat, OP creatures etc.....
When the entire game is balanced arround many new things, it becomes closer to a total convertion than a few adaptations...

I'm just a fan of BG, I don't really really care about D&D but I really think the gameplay could become way more deep, tactical and immersive with more D&D and less custom wtf mechanics everywhere.

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