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Alright so Advantage/Disadvantage is roll 2d20 an take the high/low. The way its setup from the combat log seems like a 1d20 + a flat number added to your roll plus bonuses, is this correct? Besides this, there is currently from what it looks like 2 surprise rounds. Say I attack a creature, they get damage combat starts and surprise round goes I get another attack that is the official surprise round.

For sneak attacks, if I shoot from stealth or start my turn during a combat round go into stealth and attack, I'll get advantage but no sneak attack damage. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if something is off and I'm getting disadvantage also and advantage is still showing up in combat log for me.

Truthfully advantage/disadvantage seems more of a crap fest than anything I've ever read. If I have advantage on enemy i get to roll 2d20, if i have disadvantage i get to roll 2d20, if i have both nothing, if im a halfling i get another reroll on ones even if i have both. Why the hell isnt this just a flat +2/-2 from what i read the percent bonuses to the roll far far blow away any bonus from a spell. Bless why have it???

1.) From my recollections there is only 1 surprise round. Your surprise attack goes off, then initiative is rolled and everyone in the combat gets to act. But I might be mistaken...though this is how it *should* work.

2.) I'm assuming this is a bug. The game claims that you get advantage from attacking from stealth (which would allow you to get sneak attack damage), but then that sneak damage doesn't actually apply. Larian seems to have coded it so that your character unstealths before hitting, which then means you're no longer attacking with advantage...

3.) It's a mechanic aimed at simplifying 5e D&D. Instead of having to keep track of numerous small bonuses (e.g., pathfinder's morale, luck, natural, circumstance, dodge, deflection, sacred, size bonuses) some of which stack and some dont, everything is abstracted to 3 options: "advantage, normal, or disadvantage." It makes PnP combat work so much more smoothly, trust me.
However, in a video game, there is no real reason why all those small numerical bonuses shouldn't be included. The game will do all the calculations for you.