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Frankly, the most promising offer so far seemed to be the hag. But of course that was a red herring.
Everything is.
Gut, Volo and Omeluum are too. The tadpole is there to stay, as is the divine power infused in it. Datamining has shown that the Absolute intends to usurp the domain of the gods (Shadowheart says so in one of her lines at Moonrise), so the "good" and "evil" paths will converge there.
Personally I would want to know what this "evil" path will grant us over the "good" path in the long run, improvements to how it plays out in Act 1A aside. It is definitely in need of some touching up but unless Larian locks you into sticking with "good" and "evil" forever after Act 1A (which I doubt, seeing as on the evil path you could now end up with 0 allies if you fail to convince Minthara not to kill you) there is always room for more moral choices down the line.

At least Omeluum acts in good faith and gives you a decent alternative to protect yourself. The hag and Gut just want to skrew you over and Halsin explains the netherese shadow magic protecting the tadpole makes it impossible to rid yourself of the critter. The same I immagine would be true for the Gityanki "purification" ritual

Don't forget Volo, maybe in good faith but you will end seriosly damaged. Being a bad, very bad, player I'm tempted to create a really low int character that tries both the Hag and Volo's cures. Just to see how much of impact there is in playing a toon that has lost both his eyes, or to see if the poor fella wil die. laugh laugh laugh