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For me it’s DOS3. End of story.

I use to say that I used to rage against people saying that BG3 is DOS3
Now I’m their friend

World full of meaningless items
Color palette
Word full of containers
Battle based in environment and not in class
Height rules
Forced multiple actions per turn by breaking the rules
Babysit customer with bedrolls
Save scum
Quantity over quality

Well, I could spend some time listing what I’ve disliked about it.

Just a couple of months ago, I was fully onboard with TEAM LARIAN, and habitually shot down guys like you as premature ejaculators lol. After experimenting a little with BG3 early access though I'm inclined to agree with most of your points. Clearly Swen Vincke succeeded in a Deception skill-check when he asserted they had ported D&D as faithfully as they could. The inverse seems almost more true. A number of homebrew will have the very foreseeable consequence of generating ever more homebrew to fix what their faithless porting unnecessarily broke to begin with. While also breaking balance in all kinds of ways (ie. the excessive use of advantage with higher ground/flanking which is bound to break the Barbarian class while at the same time being a relative nerf to spellcasters). I criticised DOS2 loot over-focus as detracting from that game, and for BG3 this is even more true.

However. Some of the criticisms is downright petty and immature, not made because you take issue with something objectively problematic - but just because you get triggered by the very thought of DOS2 having had a similar aspect. Like the whole of two minutes you spend on a beach in BG3. I also disagree with much of the SAVE SCUM criticisms as this is CLEARLY an artifact of D&D while Larian has just as clearly made a PRAISEWORTHY effort to offset the binary RNG-nature of D&D. That said, I too found myself save scumming more often than I was comfortable with, particularly to adjust for bad RNG in combat. Nobody likes to miss and this is the reason Larian has lowered AC and increased the HP of enemies in general. Clearly an unfair case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Not that you bother yourself with pesky nuance though.

In the torrent of negativity I feel almost compelled BG3 shows many hints of GREATNESS too. Especially when it comes to roleplaying/story, writing, voice acting (apart from the mute protagonist who sticks out like a sore thumb).

Could you head down to the steam forums and let those guys know. Man its dark in that forum.