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I think the RTwP advocacy needs to just die. This type if feedback is utterly useless because you just want a different game. Day9 made a great video about this recently, I think everyone advocating for a different game should probably check it out 😊

Nah. I'll keep loudly arguing for it. You don't get to tell me what I should or shouldn't do.
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Real time pause system is suck, ı hate it. So thats all ı just hate it. Doesn't present real strategic movements in fight.

Haha. Right. Everyone except one character is standing still and frozen, and that is "strategic movement"? LOL TB represents a static battlefield. RT(wP) represents a dynamic battlefield. Dynamic is always superior to static.

Keep arguing for it, but it is quite literally the most meaningless type of feedback. You're advocating for a different game. If turn based game play isn't your thing then this game isn't for you chief.

If Larian are half as good a developer as I believe them to be they would ignore this entire 80 page whinge fest of people crying out that they didn't make the game they wanted.

"Quite literally" huh? I don't think you know what "literally" means.

It's not useless feedback, by any means. And adding such a feature isn't going to make it a "different game". By saying that, you're essentially saying the game is completely defined by its combat mechanic, and that would be an extremely absurd notion. Turn-based combat is tedious and boring. Though I can tolerate it if the game is good enough, which Divinity II was, and Baldur's Gate III will be. But there is no real excitement or chaos in turn-based combat. As for those arguing that real-time is less strategic; that's not true. Real-time with pause combat causes you to make decisions a lot more carefully, because making the wrong decisions can get you killed since everything happens in real-time and not on a turn-by-turn basis. If you screw up one turn in turn-based combat, you get a chance to correct your mistake in the next turn. You screw up with real-time with pause? You might have to re-load your last saved game. You have to act more quickly which creates a better challenge and causes you to have to strategize very carefully during the initial encounter once it pauses.

Additionally, we're not asking them to replace the turn-based combat with real-time with pause combat. We're asking for them to add it as an additional feature, just like the makers of Pillars of Eternity II added a turn-based option in addition to their real-time with pause, and who was operating on a lot smaller budget. So I am not sure why you guys are so vehemently against this and even offended by people requesting it, as if it is going to impact your ability to play turn-based. It's not. You criticize those requesting this feature as "whining" and saying it's "meaningless feedback" but you're whining about people requesting something that would have no real impact on you whatsoever, if it were implemented. That is ironic. The company could, potentially, bring in more revenue if they added this feature. So the feedback isn't useless. I can't stand people who are against adding additional features that wouldn't impact them so much that they start hurling insults. It's childish and ignorant.

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