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Imagine how shitty it will feel to reach Baldur's Gate, start moving across its quartiers and streets... And realize how that will also be constantly frozen in a single moment of the day: no night lights, no vampire ambushes in dark corners of the city, no shady thugs hanging out in some alley, etc.
A constant mid-day, across the entire city and its surrounding. For the entire playthrough.

What a bummer that will be.

I imagine (seriously hope) they will at least have some scripted night missions. I personally think Goblins vs Druid battle should had been at night.

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That the day has come when we have to see an AAA game having no day n night cycle I would have never imagined when I first time played Zelda OoT in 1998 and was like "Wow that how it feels to have time changed in 3D games and the different elemenst/events. So immersive. I dont want to miss it ever"
22 years later I have to see that thread here ....

Exactly. BG3 is a regression in many, many ways unfortunately.