if there is no height rules, there is no need to design a map that involved complex topography. Everything happens in a flat surface. And the high ground has nothing but block the camera.
although it does seems strange that gravity can influence magic. But i think arrow has no problem to benifit from high ground.
i am totally new to DND. And if fire bolt can't create a flammable surface, but merely deal with 1d6 damage, while ray of frost can deal with 1d8, which means fire bolt became a useless cantrip.

Also people complain about exchange stuff during combat. But in board game you only control 1 character, and in BG3 is 4, which means you need to think really carefully to distribution resource to each character and waste a lot of time to split and drag item. it sounds very painful.

Interaction with environment seems became a defect in BG3, where it supposed to add fun. Obviously you can't count every envirnmental factor in board game, nor a pc 20 years ago can. But now, i'm sure my i5 9400 can handle it. So if pc can count the different hitpoint on different body part as a vital factor in the future. I'sure it's a advance not regress. We can't say "oh it's wrong because we can't do that in 20 years ago". The environmental factor still needs to polisch but not just remove it.

And for backstab. Someones says it cause player just jump around to get a backstab, which makes game no strategy at all. But bg3 is pve game not pvp. The enemys are various. They have very different abilities. You can backstab a goblin but it's hard to backstab auntie ethel. Backstab do not make the combat dull but add more possibility. Enemys will not just jump around like player. For example sekiro is much fun with pve. But the pvp mod is a disaster. Everyone just do the same run attack makes it very boring. Board game is just not a video game. They can design phase spider become a unlimited backstab machine but you know that not gonna happen. Player can abuse game rule in EA, while AI can't.

And EA game certainly has issues with balance. You can't require too much. Even in DOS2DE some skills are way too powerful. Suggestions should make the game have a better balance, not just remove everything unbalanced