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If we're throwing out ideas for rests, I'd vote for there to be an exhaustion meter that goes up a little with a short rest and a lot with long rest. Suffer conditions the more the meter is filled up. 25% filled, ability check penalty, 50% speed penalty, 75% attack and save rolls penalty, 100% hp penalty, and I'm basing this off of 5e exhaustion rules. Consume food or drink to bring the meter back down. Not too complex of a system and prevents blocking players out. You can even have harvestable cooking ingredients that respawn. Ultimately, it's costing the player personal time for gathering supplies to rest often. Some, maybe even a lot would be against this, but I'd even support a rest limit for quest events. Like, okay, you've long rested an entire week, the druids have completed the ritual and there are only a few Tiefling survivors after they've been attacked on the road.

PoE have interesting rules for resting system with the introduction of the affordable tents. You’ll have to use your money and weight if you gonna invest in expensive tents to rest or gear up. That’s clever and brings back economy of resources long lost in the current game.
I know that those tents are a JRPG thing but seems to work very well as we can see it even in the nowadays games. Currently BG3 is not a game about hard decisions where you can chose a path that you might regret in the future and face the consequences.