First, overall I love the game - great work so far, and I'm looking forward to more in EA, and the final game. I'm playing on Stadia, if that matters.

My feedback, so far, in no particular order:
- I'm playing on a laptop with a touchpad; no mouse. It would be nice to have a default set of keybinds that don't assume a mouse.
- While the program will save my volume preference when I exit the game and go back in, it will not save my keybinds. So each time I go in I have to reassign all the mouse commends (see above.) Annoying.
- Please implement the Dodge action.
- Is there a way to organize your hotbar? I haven't found one, and it is badly needed.
- For spell options, like upcasting, use a sub-menu, like with Hex, to reduce the space required on the hotbar.
- A command/key to recenter the camera on your active character would be great. I've had the camera 'get stuck' and had a hard time freeing it. I've also managed to 'lose' my character, and had trouble finding them again.
- Why does a longbow and shortbow have the same range? Some attacks should have longer range than others; 60' seems a bit arbitrary. This also seems to reduce the importance/value of mobility.
- Shield Dwarves are not proficient with shields!!
- There needs to be a way to find out what your perception checks revealed; it is frequently difficult to determine.
- It would be nice to be able to add notations to the map to help remember where things are.
- What is the purpose of having a random fight in the campsite? This happened to me twice: once Gale attacked the party when we returned, another time the dog attacked. Very odd. The first time I thought an enemy was attacking the camp (not a bad random encounter idea) but it was Gale.
- I agree with comments that the rest system is not great. During 5E play, Warlocks use short rests to get back their spells and be effective, compared to other primary spellcasters. Wizards and Clerics need long rests to regain spells. But only one short rest is allowed, and there seems to be no penalty for long rests. To keep any form of balance, it seems like you need a limit/cost to long rests, and at least 2 short rests per day. Otherwise, just long rest after each encounter.
- Too many scrolls. Everyone can use scrolls. Wizards can learn non-wizard spells. It's rather a mess and makes casters too powerful, as they essentially have unlimited spells; made worse by the scroll glut. It also makes Arcane Tricksters and Eldritch Knights useless, if a Thief or Battle Master can cast spells from scrolls.
- Why does the party constantly walk through ground hazards they can see, and then take damage from it?!
- When not in combat, it would be nice if everyone could jump in succession. Getting everyone across a gap is tedious, especially the way the party members who have already jumped seem to like to stand around the far side and block others.
- When you end up prone, it should not cost you your action. 5E is 50% of your movement to stand up.
- You should be able to drop prone to avoid ranged attacks, as in 5E.
- How can you throw a full barrel of oil as far as you can?!
- The game makes too much use of ground effects, like fire.
- Too many containers to search. But you have to search them to get loot.
- Why do you get so little money when you trade something, and pay so much when you trade?
- Food should not heal you in a battle.
- Potions as a bonus action definitely make combat easier - maybe too much easier.
- I had a couple instances where a character died, and then I couldn't resurrect them. It seemed like the program thought they were below the ground and 'not valid targets.'
- Great Weapon Master should give you the choice of taking the -5/+10, or doing a straight up attack.

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