Hmm, guess EK changed and is different than I remember them being. That's fine as I said 5E EK is fine by me, was just curious if you thought they should have the ability to learn spells from scrolls. Personally I just use my spells as ranged options to deal with runners or teleporting spiders that are uber jerks and won't stay still. Even if you do have jump and expeditious retreat they can teleport all over the map at nearly unlimited distance and don't have to have line of sight. If I'm being totally honest though I still think Battlemaster is the best fighter path at the moment. At least if you miss your Battlemaster die isn't expended and you only need a short rest to renew them and your fighter abilities. I don't think they are necessarily bad, but the EK could be better. They used to be a Prestige Class, but not sure if said Prestige classes exist anymore considering Assassin now is a sub-class for Rogues that I'm seeing from the 5E rules I glanced over.