I have tried multiple builds for different heroes and combinations of companions. It seems that when it comes to combat, wizards and warlocks are much weaker than rogue, ranger and fighter as long as those all are focused on weapons and armor rather than magic build.

Wizards and warlocks dont seem to replace their lower AC with increased damage. They do have good spells but limited amount of them and low hit % makes them, at best, equal in damage compared to ranger, rogue and fighter..until they run out of spell slots... yet they have less AC and nothing to balance it out.

Most powerful team i have managed to make is where i give shields + heavy armor to ranger fighter and cleric and medium armor and dualwield to astarion. They have 17-20 AC and still do a lot of damage except cleric ofc but cleric can boos their AC and damage even further.

When i have this team and then change 1-2 of them to Wyll and Gale, team becomes much much worse in combat and you can easily see that there is small issue in balance there ?

For example think like this: 4 fighter or 4 rogues or 4 rangers are just fine team, you could maybe even say overpowered teams... but 4 warlocks or 4 wizards are super weak team.

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