I don't get the melodramatic eye-rolling about this thread. This is an interesting topic amid columns and colums of arid dross about 'not 5e' this and 'not DnD' that... OP has good taste in art. But besides that, there are some very interesting musings from others about a topic that's become blandly taboo - there's this sheep mentality that objectifying women is wrong, except that human nature being what it is, that will never change. It's ingrained into us to do this, whether you're a drooling pleb or have an IQ of 200.

I find the comments interesting and enlightening - we're crazy creatures when it comes to sex. I've heard and witnessed all sorts over the years - an almost mind-bending request for a threesome from a certain young lady lately has turned my whole perspective on humanity upside down (I thought it would involve two girls and me, it didn't). What drives a woman to literally crave such a thing as two men? There are no answers - but a story around it would be gripping.

In brief, the OP is well-intentioned. The unbelievably 'normal' romance writing in the game is so tepid that it could benefit from reading a few of the very deep perspectives written on this thread to enrich the narrative. Real romance among humans is fairly mad stuff, it's never properly 'conservative', is it?

I don't think a game needs romance anyway, it's too complex a topic and is never done right. But with the right ambition, a writer could potentially create a cracker of story around it. Just my two cents.