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no, we don't.

What did I misunderstand about this simple little remark? It's a very small amount of words, isn't it? I've seen a similar amount of teeny tiny little words that paraphrase your little sentence over the course of this thread.

It's trite repetition of the same flaccid 'don't like this post' that's not progressing the topic, negatively or positively - I didn't tell you how to post: but what if I said 'stuff your insecurities up the same fissure I referenced above, my friend'?

Saying so achieves the same result I'm protesting against: antagonism for the sake of antagonism. In other words, if you've nothing to contribute, why comment? This is a good thread. If you think it isn't, at least expand on 'me no like'.

And I'm not telling ya how to f**king post either - it's an invitation to debate. Like adults, right?