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Why?The more I play the more I feel this way. I must not be alone look at the response?! Crazy...

In a year this game will either be a fun little rpg... or it will be game of the fucking decaded to rival even cyberpunk. That all hangs on how much they improve the Combat, Social, Exploration and 5e implementation. Also having even a basic implementation of what made BG1-2 great would be nice I mean why not lol?

Reading the counters has been insightful. The opposite point of view is from kneckbearded egochildren who enjoy the game exactly as is. Ignoring the obvious fact Larian want and need (begged) for help for this paytest. Just like they did for Dos 1 and 2 remember those guys? Oh wait a lot of you where not even here lol.

I have been here is DOS1 and I have never seen this much boot licking from this community. (Larian cannot stand that either.) Clearly a lot of you are new and from reddit. Larian will not put you in the credits no matter how much baby juice you lap up or how much poo you devour from the plate of escrement. Get over yourself... This is not half the game it could be without your lack of actual feedback.

The game needs work period.

FOR gods sakes the games it is based off of are still played 20 years later. DOS one was gutten in player base the moment DOS 2 came around. This is shaping up to be ruined by DOS only fans. Then to have them take quotes out of context and try to show us how this is dnd is the funniest shit I have ever seen.. Do you guys believe this? IS this why anytime their is any kind of voting system the current action economy is gutted by feedback?

These guys would have ruined the 5e playtest and the Pathfinder 2 playtest. You have to have an understanding of the mechanics to change them. This is on a mathematical level as well!

Giving an amount in years of your game master experience is shit if you do it wrong. Reading that monster stats can just be random instead of appropriate for a CR is the funniest shit I have read all week. I have posted these comments on Pathfinder 2e boards and the guys who helped me playtest that are having a fit. Thanks for the laugh amatures.HAHA

Basically claiming it is ok to do a 100 AC encounter cause some famous podcast will do it. Umm.... those guys didn't playtest the system. They are also constantly laughed at from a mechanical standpoint. To watch character death from their bad calls is the greatest joy I can recieve from these "Top Tier" game masters. Youtube is not DnD and should never be the base for playtesting. That is for action and views... this is why most of them cannot handle Pathfinder and had to convert to 5e even then they cannot follow simple mechanics of light and darkness. How many times have we heard Matt Mercer completely change the dynamic of the action economy. In like episode 3 he claims the axe gets stuck on a hit, and has to use a bonus action and or a move action to get it unstuck. The dude changes this 3 episodes laters. The action to make a check is completely "GAME MASTER May I?" In podcasts and the only reason it is let go is cause its all about character monologues and voice acting. THIS IS NOT DND THAT IS A FUCKING TEA PARTY FOR ADULTS.

The mechanics are pushed to the back for presentation and makeup. Lighting and scripted conversations. Please stop mentioning Matt Mercer when it comes to PLAYTESTING the dude is a voice actor trying to play a tea party with friends! The dude changes editions based on the money being given for sponsorship. He refused Pathfinder 2e when it came out... he said it was an amazing system but WOTC gave him more money. The dude could not tell you the major differenced between pathfinder and 5e and make a compelling argument. This is constantly talked about on any forums involving critical role. Especially when people mention them during playtesting. HOW MATT MERCER WOULD DO IT was a joke on the paizo forums and still is to this day! The dude is an actor who is paid to play that way... No dnd game looks anything like that.

This is a videogame that needs rules and mathematics. Programming with 1s and 0s will do that! So it needs playtesters who like to playtest systems and make sure the CR and DC are exact with the math based on expected output on character level. Especially within a spectrum of probobility. You can change and adjust yes um DUH... but you cannot add 200 to ac cause it is the game master LOL.

There is a world wide Playtest and Game in both 5e and Pathfinder 2e a world game that each of them plays. You can bring your characters to these conventions and use the. But they all have to follow basic concepts and expected ranges. LARIAN would not make the cut at these events... their calls are so outrageas to the point of being laughable. You would think you where being Punked by the game master if he told you I push as a bonus action and sneak away from AC killing acid puddles left by a cantrip HAHA.

WHO GIVES a fuck what a tea party game master thinks in regards to a $60 playtest based on hardcoded mechanics. Leveling creatures makes sense however :The lowered ac and the higher HP is comically dreadful and mentioned so much that is needs no further explanation. To claim that it is anything other than bad game mastering by a game master completely unfamiliar with the rules as a whole is laughable.

To imagine wizards of the coast releasing an extra book entitiled Larian and you. Involving area of effect and push and jump mechanics like mario bros is a joke. The game was not only playtested a year and a half but has errata to this day. Push/Shove as a bonus action, Puddles of acid reducing AC (LOL) hide as a bonus action (why not at this point right?) dipping swords in fire, Throwing magical flasks that make the ground change like divinity and giving the enemies infinite supply, The masterwork AI attacking low AC at the cost of anything else including going into 3 seperate rooms to find the Mage that didnt even start the fight, Items that litterally break the entire game from the start by allowing low damage spells do incredible top tier damage. Conversations that completely make you feel like you are a single player. The player 3 and 4 get accused of whatever you did and are assumed to have said exactly what you said at the exact same time. The entire game rewarding you for genocide but not givng you xp when you prevent it.

The game needs so much work it is clear they needed the help they requested. The problem is not us that are the minority. The problem is those of you who have joined within the month with 400 posts on your account claiming you are the majority. Why invest so much in an argument you dont even have the basics to understand. I mean just look at this page... these game masters with 30 plus years experience with a system that has only released 5 years ago lol. They always come in here kneckbeard and all name dropping and claiming divine insight without ever going into detail of said mechanics. They cannot even fathom why pushing not being an action is a problem and this is why THEY WILL NEVER BE KNOWN in the tabletop world. They will never ever be given the credit they feel entitled to. Why? Cause they boot lick and beg and plead and brag and brown nose till they are dead and gone. The real guys behind the games are the ones who are never satisfied cracking the numbers and checking the math and making sure IRON HAS SHARPENED IRON.

I am a playtester I playtest and this shit needs work. Just like it did when it had group initiative and these dudes said that made sense ?!! Just like when they said (past tense diologue is great guys haha) these clowns get burried when the books arrive and the devs's are smart enough to listen to the legitaminte playtesters.

I appreciate the fact some of you have game mastered 200 years and what not. But I never seen any of you on the last two tabtletop Playtests... I honestly think you just copy and paste your arguments from your books and hope the game will stay as it is exactly. IT WILL NOT there is a lof of us who are going to change it. I am glad you like it as is... but you are wrong objectively and we are going to push you aside like we do every playtest and get the game back on track.

Keep brown nosing and keep boot licking and NOTHING will happen with your future... you are not getting a job at larian for being a twat. INSTEAD try to actually playtest the game and compare that to what was advertised and meet us in the middle so we can have the best God Damn game that has ever been released.

You are nothing special. WE as a collective determine the outcome of this game. So get over yourself as an individual and lets playtest this thing and help larian in their comically bad shortcomings.... FOR GOD SAKES TEAM BASED INITATIVE ANYONE?!

(Being drunk after election week is not the most productive way to respond to your own post but damnit here it is)

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